Q. When can students who have taken GMAT/GRE apply for the dual degree program?
Answer. NMIMS SBM Online admission form will be available on the Program website - http://sbm-purdue.nmims.edu/index.php from 9th February 2019 to 10th March 2019.

Q. What is the NMIMS SBM registration/ Application fees
Answer. The application fee is INR 1300

Q. Please share details of the NMIMS admission process for applicants based on GMAT/GRE Scores
Answer. The process is as below:
• Application to the program – 9th February 2019 to 10th March 2019
• Case Discussion & Personal Interview – 15th March 2019 – 25th March 2019
• Provisional Admission from NMIMS SBM – By 5th April 2019

Q. What is the minimum GMAT score required for applying to the program?
Answer. The minimum GMAT Score required is 650

Q. What is the minimum GRE score required for applying to the program?
Answer. The minimum GRE Score required is 319

Q. In case of non-issue of The USA F1 Visa by competent authority, what is the alternative available to the student?
Answer. Students will have option to join second year Full time management program at NMIMS SBM and will get MBA in Decision Science and Analytics from NMIMS SBM.

Q. Would NMIMS & Purdue University help you obtain The USA student VISA?
Answer. NMIMS and Purdue University would provide you with the relevant documents required for applying for the student visa. However, obtaining the Visa is the responsibility of the student.

Q. What type of Visa is offered for the NMIMS Purdue Dual Degree program?
Answer.The students would be applying for a F1 Student Visa

Q.There have been high rejection rates in the past for US Visa in India, will this trend affect students applying for the Dual Degree Program?
Answer.Purdue has not experienced many rejections for the student visa for students from India. We estimate 1 in 10,000.

Q. In case of non-issue of The USA F1 Visa by competent authority, what is the alternative available to the student?
Answer. Q. What is the minimum TOEFL test score required for applying to the program?
Answer. The minimum TOFEL test score required is 80

Q. What is the minimum IELTS test score required for applying to the program?
Answer. The minimum IELTS test score required is 6.5

Q. Do I need to submit TOEFL / IELTS Score before my NMIMS SBM CDPI?
Answer. No. The TOEFL / IELTS score would be required for admission to PURDUE University after receiving a provisional admission offer from NMIMS SBM.

Q. Please share IELTS/ TOEFL requirements

There are two sets of criteria Purdue University considers. The first is defined by the graduate school, the second by Krannert School of Management.

For NMIMS Purdue dual degree program the Graduate School minimums, (left column below) it is the absolute lowest score considered. Anything below that is an auto deny of admission. The Krannert target (right column below) is aligned to what it desires and typically see in their applications. Obviously the higher the score the more competitive the student, but they do take a holistic approach to admissions. While an applicant may not have scored >= 93, if they demonstrate in their Skype interview strong language skills they will be considered. So in short, the minimum defined in the agreement aligns to the absolute lowest score and they hope to see scores more closely aligned to the Krannert goal but consideration is given to all who meet the Grad School minimum.

Q. What are the dates for applying to Purdue university?
Answer. You can apply from 1st March 2019 to 1st May 2019

Q. Would students selected for the NMIMS PURDUE Dual Degree program get the same MS BAIM degree that other full time students at Purdue University get?
Answer. The degree that you will get is exactly the same MS BAIM degree that the full-time students get. Purdue University will be accepting some NMIMS credits towards the degree, but once you are at Purdue you will be in the same classes with the same curriculum and in the same facilities as the full time Purdue MS BAIM students.

Q.MS BAIM Degree that the student gets under the NMIMS Purdue dual degree program, is this a STEM course?
Answer. Yes, this is certified as a STEM course.

Q. Please share the admission process for Purdue University
Answer. Apply to Purdue University : https://gradapply.purdue.edu/apply/
Create an account and complete the Purdue Application
         • Apply for 2020 Cohort,
        • For Campus and Program Tab
                • Select Purdue West Lafayette Campus (PWL) Campus
                • Select Management MS ,
                • Degree Objective is = Master of Science (MS)
                • Entry Term = Summer 2020
        • For Management Questionnaire Tab:
                Use Optional Essay to upload admittance letter from NMIMS and NMAT score as a single document. Scan both documents into single file.         
The process would be held from 1st March 2019 – 1st May 2019
        • Apply to Purdue University,
        • Submit Valid TOEFL/IELTS Test Score,
        • Initial Screening and online Personal Interview
        • 15th March – 15th May – Receive offer from Purdue University- Krannert School of Management

Q. Is the student eligible for Faculty-To-Student Mentorship Program while in Purdue?
Answer.There is no formal program at Purdue but it does happen informally.

Q. Please share the details of the Purdue admission process for this program.
Answer.For Purdue admission details visit -https://krannert.purdue.edu/masters/programs/business-analytics-and-information-management/admissions/description-of-application-materials.php .

Q. Who can I write to for all Purdue University related queries regarding the program ?
Answer.You can write to krannertmasters@purdue.edu for all Purdue admission related queries.

Q. Would all students get on campus accommodation at Purdue University ?
Answer.On Campus accommodation is limited. Some students may have to stay off campus. Most graduate students like living off campus and often find roommates in advance. Given that students in this program will all know each other, that may help them if they desire that of arrangement..

Q. Can you provide email id at Purdue whom we can contact in case of any questions?
Answer.For questions related to Purdue, you can write to : krannertmasters@purdue.edu.

Q. When do I have to pay the NMIMS Tuition fees of INR 10,00,000?
Answer. You need to pay the fees within 10 Days of receiving the PROVISIONAL ADMISSION OFFER from NMIMS SBM

Q. When do I have to pay Purdue University fees?
Answer. Purdue tuition fees of US $ 24,426 has to paid by 30th May 2020

Q. Will the Internship be in India or The USA?
Answer. The Internship will be in India

Q. Please share details of Bank Loan?
Answer. For details related to Bank Loan, please check : https://www.nmims.edu/education-loan/

Q. Can you share some information about Placements?
Answer. For details related to NMIMS School of Business Management Placements, please check : https://sbm.nmims.edu/students/placements/

Q. If I clear NMIMS CDPI and am not able to clear PURDUE process, will I be allowed to continue Full Time(Core) MBA in NMIMS?
Answer. A student will be allowed to continue with NMIMS SBM FT MBA subject to the fulfilment of following conditions
        1. Applicant has received a provisional Admission offer from NMIMS SBM for MBA Businessv Analytics and Decision Science (having completed the NMIMS CDPI Process)
        2. Applicant has received an admission offer for NMIMS SBM FT MBA program in addition to receiving provisional admission offer from NMIMS SBM for MBA Business Analytics and Decision Science.
        3. Has paid the NMIMS fees of Rs 10,00,000 on receiving the provisional offer within the prescribed timelines
        4. Has applied to Purdue and completed the due formalities within the prescribed timelines
        5. Has received a reject from Purdue for reasons other than misrepresentation of facts

Q. Can you help us understand details of the Capstone project?
Answer. Capstone project facilitates students to apply classroom learning to real world projects. Students work on a real world business problem – using analytical tools to diagnose the problem, generate solution insights and designing optimum solution to the problem. The project ends with the project presentation to a panel of experts. The project duration is 8 weeks and on its successful completion student will earn 3 credits.

Q. Please share details of the roles companies will offer on completion of this program
Answer. Please visit our website for all details - https://sbm-purdue.nmims.edu/career-prospects.php

Q. Is there too much coding/programming involved in this program?
Answer. This course does not involve heavy coding. There are two courses one on “Programming for Analytics” at NMIMS and other “R Programming “ in Purdue. Other than these two courses there is not much coding involved. Any person with strong analytical skills will be able to complete the course without difficulty. We do not expect the students to do coding after they are placed. The jobs they will obtain will not necessarily (unless they choose to do so) involve coding.